C-Lube for Continuous Oil Consumption Measurement

C-Lube is the solution for oil consumption measurement:
On-LineReal-time results: 24-point LOC map within a day
High sensitivity (< 1 mg)
– Absolute results in gr/hr
– Independent from fuel dilution
Transient and steady-state operating condition
No change in oil/fuel properties
– Quantitative distinction between oil consumption sources: engine blockblow-by and turbocharger

C-Lube’s wide range of applications: 
Light, Medium & Heavy-duty IC engines – Motorcycle – Passenger Car – Truck – Racing – Offroad – Marine – Lubricant Industry
C-Lube‘s methodology is the ideal tool to evaluate and optimise:
Oil separator efficiency – Turbochargers – Piston ring packages – Bore finish and distortion – Lubricants formulations and additives – PN emission related to Lubricant – Aftertreatment systems poisoning (catalysts, GPF and DPF) – Particle emission during running-in or transient conditions of a lubricant 
Example of results – Continuous oil consumption measurement during an 8-hour run (16 engine operating conditions at 75% and 100% load):