New Sensor for Oil Aeration Measurement

Today is a big day for DSi as we launch our third version of Air-X : the Super Compact Air-X.

The SC Air-X is the result of the hard work done by our R&D team. The goal was to provide a versatile sensor to precisely and continuously monitor Air-in-Fluid,  suitable for all types of applications and industries :
Motorcycle – Passenger Car – Truck – Aeronautics – Electric & Hybrid Vehicle – Racing (Formula 1 & Nascar) – Offroad – Marine – Lubricant Industry –  Civil Engineering Machinery – Wind Turbine – Heavy-Duty Mobility (Railroad & Trucks) –  Medical

SC Air-X‘s wide range of capabilities :
Real-time online monitoring of Air-in-Oil – Compact Sensor for on-board application – High accuracy and repeatability – Short-response time – Local datalogging and storage – IoT Cloud connected version available for early warning and detection of potential failure modes

Oil formulation benchmarking for modern electrified powertrain :

DSi is embracing the full power of innovation using 3D printing technology to create a sensor able to withstand the impact of the toughest conditions and align with the highest standards when it comes to accuracy and reliability for measurement of Air-in-Oil.