Engine Test Center

Our engine test center is equipped with innovative radiotracing tools to offer real time results.

Field of Application

  • Modern test equipment associated to innovative radiotracing tools

  • A fully independent contract service centre

  • Real-time results

  • Significant reduction of your development time & associated testing costs

  • Our highly qualified and experienced technical staff

  • Customer oriented solutions and high flexibility

  • Reactive and flexible team to fulfill any urgent R&D testing

Customer oriented solutions

  • Results interpretation

  • High flexibility and customized solutions

Custom made possibilities

  • Benchmarking

  • Any required DSi tool to combine

  • Adaptative benches to fit specific engines

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  • Low inertia “tandem” dynanometers

  • Data acquisition @ 100Hz

  • ECU diagnostics (INCA, DDT)

  • Standard fuels and biofuels available

  • Fuel flow meters

  • Blow-by meters

  • Regulated oil/water heating systems (up to 150°C)

  • Combustion analysis system

  • Oil/fuel analysis services

  • Measurement of friction losses

  • 400V power supply unit for hybrid engines

Components tested

  • Piston rigs

  • Conrod/Crankshaft shell

  • Chain axis

  • Camshafts

  • Rockers

  • Oil pumps

  • Engine blocks

  • Turbos

  • Valves

  • Blow-By

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