10 Oct 2018


09 Oct 2018

DSi’s Team will participate at GETLUB Conference and will present our innovative range of radiotracing tools and services for engine and lubricant testing.

6th – 7th November 2018

GETLUB Conference

Hamburg, Germany

DSI’S Lubricants testing services

18 Jun 2018

We are providing oils comparison tests in terms of aeration and deaeration at DSi Engine Test Center. The methodology is reliable, repeatable and very sensitive. It is dedicated to R&D applications.

Oils comparison testing package includes :
– Set-up of our Air-Mix & Air-X devices to perform the test campaign
– Days work to perform comparative test of lubricants
– Reporting
Testing packages can also be done ‘à la carte’ to test several oils on different operating temperatures, different air/oil mixtures and with different deaerator system integrated to our test rig.

DSi’s Engine Testing Services

21 Feb 2018

We are providing Oil Consumption and/or Fuel Dilution map within 2 weeks at DSi Engine Test Center.

Lube Oil Consumption testing package includes:
– Engine installation and commissioning
– Engine break-in (4h)
– Engine conditioning to stabilize oil consumption (approx. 20h)
– 24-point LOC map (approx. 25h) using our C-Lube technology
– Separate oil consumption monitoring of the ventilation circuit and/or the turbocharger
– Reporting
– Engine decommissioning
Testing packages can also be done ‘a la carte’ to test several engine configurations or injection strategies. Additional radiotracing tools that can be selected to measure fuel dilutionwear rate of critical parts and lube air content.
Oil Consumption Measurement (C-Lube)     Fuel Dilution Measurement (D-Lube)


25 Jan 2018

DSi acquires Scannix SA, a Belgian company involved for 15 years in the nuclear industry where it sells radiation monitoring equipment, radioprotection, and spectroscopy systems. Scannix also has strong expertise in the X-Ray inspection field applied to QC of mechanical parts, inspection of nuclear wastes, etc. “Acquiring Scannix SA became an obvious decision for 2 reasons: DSi and Scannix range of products are complementary since Scannix is our supplier for radiation systems for more than 10 years.  Secondly, DSi team of experts will now offer technical support to Scannix for more ambitious projects in the nuclear field. Such project, in particular in the field of nuclear decommissioning, could not be supported by Scannix alone.  Our ambition is to become a leader in this field” says Thierry Delvigne, CEO of DSi. 

More information on the following website: Scannix


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