Smart probes for lubricants

DSI offers complete solutions to migrate from off-line oil analysis to real-time monitoring

Field of Application

  • Any industrial equipment filled with oil (wind turbines, power generators, transmissions, engines for off-road vehicles, etc).  

  • Assistance to select the appropriate(s) probe(s) for measurement of viscosity, dielectric constant, content in wear debris, fuel and water content, TAN-TBN,...) 

  • Design and manufacturing of hydraulic interfaces

  • Installation of probes and gateways

  • Data saving and real-time analysis tools

  • Development of HMIs 

  • DSI  probe detecting ferromagnetic particles down to 1 micron

  • Expertise and after sales services

Typical parameters of smart probes for lubricants

  • Viscosity

  • Water content

  • Wear contamination

  • Aeration level

  • Oil aging

  • Temperature, pressure and oil level

Machinery Health Assessment Software

  • Supervise health of industrial equipment

  • Information coming from each probe is collected, saved, and analyzed in real-time.

  • Dedicated algorithms allow forecasting maintenance programs

  • Immediate response when an accident occurs

  • Predictive maintenance programs with oil changes


  • No more periodic sampling

  • Spare 3-5 days delay to get your analysis

  • Real time detection of oil quality and incident

  • Predict exact timing for oil change

  • Reduced maintenance cost

Components test

  • Gearboxes and transmissions

  • Engines and E-Powertrains

  • Power generators

  • Wind turbines

  • Any Hydraulic systems where oil quality is a key issue

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