Test Rigs

DSi has acquired a strong expertise in the development, manufacturing and installation of dedicated test tools for engines and lubricants.

Field of Application

  • Lubricant benchmarking

  • Friction loss measurement

  • Wear of valve trains

  • Controlled conditions

  • Cokefaction tendencies of oil formulations


  • Rotation speed from 0 to 7500 rpm for valvetrains or up to 10 000 rpm

  • Oil temperature conditioning from 35 to 135°C or up to 250°C

  • Oil flow regulation down to 0.6 l/min

  • Coolant temperature conditioning from 35°C to 110°C

  • Accurate torque measurement up to 100 +/- 0.015 Nm

  • Standard acquisition up to 100Hz

  • Fast acquisition up to 30 kHz / 256 points per rotation

Custom made possibilities

  • Mechanical design according to the system to test

  • Oil conditions (Temperature, pressure,flow rate,...)

  • Coolant conditioning

  • Conditioner dimensions

Components tested

  • Fluid conditioning systems

  • Turnkey solutions

  • Cylinder head benches

  • Development, manufacturing and installation of a turn-key aeration test rig for formula 1 oil tank

  • Development and manufacturing of oil and water conditioners for test beds with very accurate flow and temperature control (engine test facility)

  • Development of test rigs for friction losses measurement

  • Development of test procedures to compare the impact of lubricant formulation and oil aging on engine wear

  • Development of separate oil conditioning equipment for turbochargers : TC-Lube

Cylinder-head test rig

  • For benchmarking oil formulations

  • Design and manufacturing of cylinder-head support with oil and coolant circulation

  • Accurate torque measurement

  • Fast acquisition of 265 points per rotation

  • Validating oil formulations at different temperatures

  • Can be combined with TLA/RNT for online wearing of valvetrain components

  • Can be combined with Air-X for aeration measurement on cylinder-heads

  • On site measurements

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