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We are your partner for every step in your H² project

H² Project

  • Radiotracing methodology applied to H² ICE testing and validation

  • We are your partner for every step of the validation of an engine that has been converted or designed from the beginning to run on H²

Field of Application

  • Risk assessment: conduct a thorough risk analysis to identify potential hazards associated with hydrogen fuel and to develop measures to mitigate those risks

  • Fuel storage: install or upgrade hydrogen storage systems that meet industry safety standards and regulations.

  • Fuel distribution: modify or install new fuel distribution systems that are compatible with hydrogen fuel and capable of delivering fuel to the engine under test

  • Detection systems: install or upgrade hydrogen leak detection systems to ensure that any leaks are promptly detected and addressed.

  • Ventilation systems: modify or install new ventilation systems that are capable of removing hydrogen from the test cell in the event of a leak.

  • Fuel handling equipment: purchase or modify existing fuel handling equipment, such as hoses, fittings, and valves, to ensure that it is compatible with hydrogen fuel.

  • Fuel injectors: modify or replace the fuel injectors in the engine test cell to ensure that they are capable of delivering hydrogen fuel to the engine

  • Engine modifications: make any necessary modifications to the engine under test to ensure that it is capable of operating on hydrogen fuel

  • Training: provide training to test cell personnel on the safe handling, storage, and distribution of hydrogen fuel

  • Safety procedures: develop and implement emergency procedures and safety protocols to ensure the safe operation of the engine test cell with hydrogen fuel

Custom made possibilities

  • Benchmarking

  • Any required DSi tool to combine

  • Adaptative benches to fit specific engines


  • Low inertia “tandem” dynanometers

  • Data acquisition @ 100Hz

  • ECU diagnostics (INCA, DDT)

  • Standard fuels and biofuels available

  • Fuel flow meters

  • Blow-by meters

  • Regulated oil/water heating systems (up to 150°C)

  • Combustion analysis system

  • Oil/fuel analysis services

  • Measurement of friction losses

  • 400V power supply unit for hybrid engines

Components tested

  • Piston rigs

  • Conrod/Crankshaft shell

  • Chain axis

  • Camshafts

  • Rockers

  • Oil pumps

  • Engine blocks

  • Turbos

  • Valves

  • Blow-By

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