Engine Oil Consumption

C-Lube is a proven methodology for real time oil consumption measurement.

Field of Application

  • Real-time and fast results : oil consumption map within 1 day

  • The method allows identifying the origin of the engine oil consumption : engine block, ventilation (blow-by) system and turbocharger

  • Both burned and unburned oil fractions are taken into account

  • The method is not affected by fuel dilution

  • No special fuel or lubricant required

  • No change in oil properties associated to the presence of radiotracer

  • Selectable chain length to be labelled, from very light to heavy oil fractions

  • Measuring equipment is compact and easy to install

  • Special probes are available for small, passenger car, and heavy duty engines

  • Analysis of transient phases is also possible by increasing the amount of tracer mixed in the oil, or by using repeatable transient data

Identification of the origin of the engine oil consumption

  • Separate monitoring of oil consumption sources: Engine block, Ventilation (blow-by) system & Turbocharger (compressor stage & turbine stage)

  • C-Lube can be combined with B-Lube equipment to determine the contribution of the ventilation system to the global oil consumption of the engine.

  • C-Lube can be combined with TC-Lube for turbocharger oil consumption measurement (compressor stage & turbine stage).

Measurement Performances

  • 30 minutes measurement by engine condition

  • High sensitivity: only few milligrams

  • Measurement from 0,1 g/h

Combine it with TC-Lube for turbocompressors oil consumption measurement

Components tested

  • Light, medium & heavy duty engines

  • Oil separators (blow-by, …)

  • Turbochargers (compressor stage & turbine stage)

  • Piston rings

  • Lubricants


How does the B-Lube work, our equipment that is used with the C-Lube?

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