New Methodology for C-Lube

📝 DSi published a paper about the New Methodology for Real-time and Quantitative Measurement of Oil Emissions on I.C. Engines.

In this paper we present the latest development of the radiotracer-based methodology to measure the oil emissions of internal combustion engines. A new fast response procedure was developed and tested on a modern gasoline direct injection engine, to study the oil emissions during transient phases, particularly during the short transition between motored and loaded condition, with significant results.
In conclusion, we are now able to offer a quantitative method based on the use of radiotracer, not only suitable for classical steady state situation, but also for the transient phases associated to specific situation where fast response is needed.
This oil consumption measurement can be performed  simultaneously with an oil dilution measurement if necessary, leading to a more global study of the engine behaviour.
– Suitable for classical steady state situation
– Specific situation where fast response times is needed
– Improved sensibility to reach 0.02 g in a few seconds
– Absolute results in g/h
– Simultaneous study of oil dilution/evaporation behaviour

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