Privacy Policy

Our site uses cookies to improve the features it offers. Cookies are data that are saved on your device and allow the site to keep some information about you for better browsing.

We use various cookies for specific purposes:

  • The necessary cookies: they are used to allow various functionalities to be correctly used on the site. These cookies do not collect any personal data;
  • Functional cookies: they are the ones that allow a better comfort when using certain functionalities of the site. For example, they can register the user's address to automatically fill in the "address" field of a form and prevent the user from completing it himself.

By clicking on the "I accept" button, you accept the use of cookies (article 6, 1, a of the GDPR). You can cancel this approval at any time by clicking on the button "Cookie Policy" located at the bottom right of your screen. In case you do not want to allow cookies, the use of certain features may be affected.

Contact form

You agree that the data collected via this form will be stored by DSI for a purely practical purpose (in the event that DSI should contact you if necessary). This data will not be passed on to third parties and will not be used in any other setting than the one for which you have completed this form. You may consult, modify or delete this data at any time by contacting us at

Google Analytics

For purely statistical purposes, we use Google Analytics to be able to determine site traffic on a daily basis. To do this, Google Analytics uses cookies that track the user's activity on the website. Before the user agrees to the cookie policy, the IP address used by the user is anonymised, which means that the last octet (IPv4) or the last 80 bits (IPv6) of the IP address is / are set to zero in order to limit the identification of the user's geographical area using its IP address. Geolocation is also disabled to avoid any possibility of identification by location. From the moment the user accepts the site's cookie policy, the IP address is no longer anonymous and geolocation is activated. However, this data has a statistical purpose and no IP address will be linked to a specific user, ie the IP addresses will not be used to analyze the navigation of a single person but rather of a group individuals. This cookie will expire automatically 1 month after the acceptance of Google Analytics tracking (a new confirmation will be requested).

Personal Information

All data about the user collected through cookies or forms of the site are stored in our database only if he has agreed in advance. This information will not be used in conditions other than those that the user has accepted. The user has a right of inspection on each information concerning him: he can consult them, modify them or delete them whenever he wants and without having to give a reason to DSI. To do this, the user can contact the person responsible for data processing via the form below. In addition, he may also at any time lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority of his country (Article 13, 2, d of the GDPR).

Your data may be used for:

  • Provide our services to the user. In the event that, for example, the user has created an account on our site, we will use the data related to the account to notify the user of any changes to our services;
  • Improve the user experience;
  • Improve the interaction between DSI and the user;
  • Analyze these data to improve the functioning of the site;
  • Other purposes for which we have requested permission from the user beforehand.

We use various secure protocols to protect the data collected through this site. However, and while we are doing our best, we can not guarantee the complete security of this information. As a result, we will notify the appropriate authorities in the event of a security breach. You will also be notified if we identify such a fault. Of course, we will do everything in our power to avoid security breaches. Warning: if the user has created an account on our site, it is imperative to keep secret his username and password!

The rights of the user regarding his data are as follows:

  • The right to information: the user has the right to know how the data collected on the site is used;
  • The right to access: the user has the right to access the data collected on the site;
  • The right to correction: the user has the right to request a correction of data held by the site;
  • The right to delete: the user has the right to request the deletion of part or all data held concerning him;
  • The right to restriction of the use of the data: the user has the right to restrict the way the site uses the data concerning him;
  • The right of withdrawal: the user has the right to retract any consent regarding the use of personal data given on our site.

Once the request is inserted, the manager will contact the user as soon as possible by providing a file containing his personal information.

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