Fluid Conditioning Systems

Design and development of oil and water conditioning systems according to your needs.

Field of Application

  • TC-Lube allows independent lubrication for development and test of undergoing mechanical systems and / or to compare lubricants

  • Even though the TC-Lube is designed for turbocharger lubrication, it can be used to lubricate other components, similar to the turbocharger as a cylinder head

  • TC-Lube can be coupled to TLA/RNT equipment for online monitoring of wear of undergoing mechanical systems

  • TC-Lube can be coupled to C-Lube equipment for online monitoring of turbocharger oil consumption (turbine and compressor both sides)


  • The equipment is controlled via the remote control panel which is connected to the electrical cabinet. The setpoints can also be sent from the test bed control system through the BNC connectors or through the CAN communication

  • Lubrication limits can be investigated by using various oil formulations or by testing severe conditions of oil pressure and temperature

  • Optional scavenge capacities with vacuum regulation for aeronautic and racing applications


  • Pressure range : 1 to 15 bars

  • Temperature range : 20 to 160°C

  • Oil flow rate range : 0.5 to 30 l/min

Components tested

  • Turbochargers

  • Cylinder heads

  • Gear boxes

  • Racing hybrid units

  • Aeronautic components

Custom made possibilities

  • Conditioner dimensions

  • Operating ranges (pressure, flow rate, temperature)

  • Heating/cooling processes 

  • Remote control/Interface

  • Shipment and commissioning anywhere in the world

  • CE or UL certified

Is the TC-Lube suitable for the heavy-duty field (heavy-duty turbochargers) ?

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