Oil dilution monitoring

D-Lube is the perfect tool to monitor the fuel content in engine oil.

Field of Application

  • D-Lube equipment is specifically designed to accurately measure the fuel content in engine oil of internal combustion engine. The methodology is based on the use of a new radiotracer compound, representative of the engine oil.

  • Both dilution and evaporation phenomenons can be easily highlighted by clear on-line results.

  • DPFs regenerations and DeNOx strategies of modern engines can be rapidly  optimized to reduce fuel quantities in engine oil, as well as with the recent use of lubricated fuel injection pumps.

  • D-Lube can be used simultaneously with C-Lube equipment.


  • Easy to install: Oil is directly sampled from the engine sump and 2 hoses are easily connected between the engine and D-Lube equipment. Additional volume is limited to 1.5 litre. A compact version is also available for on-board installation on passenger cars.

  • On-line results: Fuel content in oil is continuously monitored during engine operation, at a typical rate of 1 measurement per minute. Off-line measurements are also efficient for specific experiments.

  • Short Test Durations: Dilution rates are accurately measured within short runs from several min. to hours, depending on dilution rates.

  • High sensitivity: Sensitivity is of 0.05% per hour, depending on tested condition duration.

  • No change in oil properties: The tracer is of the same nature as base oil. Less than 100 µl of tracer is added to the engine oil sump.

  • The majority of the tested conditions are studied in less than 2 hours.

Components tested

  • Standard equipment is dedicated to test bench applications. A compact version is also available on request for on-board installation on passenger cars and HD vehicles.


  • Easy to install : the equipment can be moved easily and connected rapidly to the engine sump. Limited power supply. Tracer is simply added by oil filling hole.

  • Easy to use : ethernet connexion between equipment and laptop equipped with D-Lube software.

  • Simple interface with on-line results directly available.

  • No post-traitement of the results

  • No maintenance needed

Main advantages

  • No delay between experiment and results

  • Perfect discrimination between light oil fraction and heavy fuel fraction

  • Oil temperature and aeration effects on oil density are taken into account during measurements.

  • D-Lube can be used to determine the total oil volume of the engine

Are radiotracing techniques dangerous for users?

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