How does the B-Lube work, our equipment that is used with the C-Lube?


B-Lube equipment is a high sensitivity tool for performing real-time oil consumption measurements in the ventilation system of internal combustion engines.

Like the C-Lube, this equipment use the radiotracer technology, all the advantages of tracer labeling will be available: no impact of water accumulation in the filter, on-line results, sensitivity and shorter test duration.

This equipment is composed by a mobile unit to be placed near the engine. This unit is typically connected between the outlet of the oil separator and the inlet of the intake manifold of the engine. The measurement unit is composed by a specific filter element associated with a high efficiency scintillation detector (NaI type 12"x4"x 2") located in the middle of the filter, to ensure an optimized detection geometry.

These elements are located inside a stainless steel structure, partially surrounded by an L-shape lead shield. The stainless steel structure is installed in an aluminum frame, on a platform trolley.