DSi now creates its own energy to reach very low emission levels.

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DSi continues to invest despite the Covid-19 crisis and has installed 205 kWp of photovoltaic panels for a production of 190 MWh and 89 tons of CO² avoided 🌱☀️, i.e. an investment of 160,000 EUR 💰
This investment allows us to pretty much reach our energy independence. On one hand, this will cover our current needs to supply our test equipment and on the other hand it’s a step towards our future testing facilities for the engines and lubricants of the future (hybrids, full electric, etc. ) ⚡️ 🚘
The investment plan began in 2016 with a merger of the test and production entities, the fitting out of new premises, and soon a modernization of our test cells in order to match the R&D challenges of tomorrow 🏢