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DSi's Engine Testing Services

21 February 2018

We are providing Oil Consumption and/or Fuel Dilution map within 2 weeks at DSi Engine Test Center. 

Lube Oil Consumption testing package includes: 
- Engine installation and commissioning
- Engine break-in (4h)
- Engine conditioning to stabilize oil consumption (approx. 20h)
- 24-point LOC map (approx. 25h) using our C-Lube technology
- Separate oil consumption monitoring of the ventilation circuit and/or the turbocharger
- Reporting
- Engine decommissioning 
Testing packages can also be done 'a la carte' to test several engine configurations or injection strategies. Additional radiotracing tools that can be selected to measure fuel dilutionwear rate of critical parts and lube air content.
Oil Consumption Measurement (C-Lube)     Fuel Dilution Measurement (D-Lube)


25 January 2018

DSi acquires Scannix SA, a Belgian company involved for 15 years in the nuclear industry where it sells radiation monitoring equipment, radioprotection, and spectroscopy systems. Scannix also has strong expertise in the X-Ray inspection field applied to QC of mechanical parts, inspection of nuclear wastes, etc. “Acquiring Scannix SA became an obvious decision for 2 reasons: DSi and Scannix range of products are complementary since Scannix is our supplier for radiation systems for more than 10 years.  Secondly, DSi team of experts will now offer technical support to Scannix for more ambitious projects in the nuclear field. Such project, in particular in the field of nuclear decommissioning, could not be supported by Scannix alone.  Our ambition is to become a leader in this field” says Thierry Delvigne, CEO of DSi. 

More information on the following website : Scannix


Real-time Radiography Image - Drum


17 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018 !

DSi at Aachener Kolloquium 16

16 August 2016

DSi's Team will participate at Aachener Kolloquium and will present our innovative range of radiotracing tools and services for engine and lubricant testing.

10th – 12th October 2016 

Aachener Kolloquium

Stand #16




DSi radiotracing tools at Automotive Testing Expo China 16

11 July 2016

From September 27th to 29th, DSi's Team will be attending the Automotive Testing Expo China 2016 in Shanghai.

Visitors are invited to visit DSi's experts and tell them about their requirements.



Automotive Testing Expo China 2016 is set to capitalise on the rapid growth in new car sales and the need for higher quality and safer vehicles by bringing together the world's leading test equipment manufacturers and test service providers.

We really hope that you can join the team at our booth #3024 to (re)discover our innovative radiotracing tools for engine and lubricant development and testing.

Ask our experts about the real-time capabilities of our equipment to measure precisely Engine Oil ConsumptionFuel Dilution, Engine Wear and Air Content in Lubricant. DSi also develops customized test and measurement solutions including fluid conditioning systems for test rigs. 

Our products and services are available at CATARC / AERI in Tianjin (China) where our customers can send engines for evaluation and where we provide the same high quality service as in Europe. Our tools are also available from our office, based in Beijing, and can be installed in test center directly.

Cosmoz Project

20 June 2016

In 2012, Dsi, GDTech, BTD, Skynam and the universities of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) and Liege (Ulg – IPNAS), launched an innovative called "COSMOZ".

Objectives were to develop a direct injection system for converting gazoline engines to natural gas (CNG).

 In this project, DSi has contributed to:

  • The improvement of gas injectors: using radio-tracing techniques. DSi has performed wear measurement tests on the injectors and has studied the impact of lubrication on their lifetime. Results have been used to make continuous improvements and to, optimize the design of injectors.
  • Setting-up for road tests of a demonstrator vehicle: a light vehicle has been modified for natural gas operation and it has been instrumented and prepared to receive a to achieve emission measurements on a chassis dynamometer.

In June 2016, the vehicle was operational and all partners of this project welcomed a representative of the Walloon Region for road tests with the new direct injection system.

This project has received support from the Walloon Region through the “ POLE MECATECH”.

DSi opened a representative office in China on 1 April 2016!

07 June 2016

While all eyes are on China, which is an important market across various sectors , DSi decided to open a representative office to be closer to its Asian customers .

Based in Beijing , the office opened its doors in April 2016. This follows a partnership agreement between DSi and CATARC / AERI, a major testing center where we installed our measuring equipment to provide the same services that in Europe.

By strenghtening its presence in Aisa, DSi is comits to meet the requirements of the Chinese market.

DSi is delighted about this new partnership that allows us to be closer to our Chinese customers .

Publication in ATZ magazine : Oil Consumption measurement during transient phases using DSI's C-Lube methodology

30 March 2016

Oil emissions are becoming an increasingly important factor in the development of internal combustion engines. Different reasons explain this situation : the upcoming Real Driving Emission legislation, stricter regulations that require emissions standards to be met over the vehicle's lifetime,...

Today's emission limits and extended service intervals necessitate a comprehensive understanding of oil consumption across the whole engine operating range.

Federal Mogul and DSi have issued a new publication in ATZ magazine. It explains how C-Lube is the optimal tool to accurately measure oil consumption during steady state operation and also during transient phases. 


Discover more in the article below (PDF file) :

Sources :

ATZ Extra, September 2015

Authors :

- Dr Arnim Robota (Manager Engine Test House, Rings and Liners at Federal Mogul Burscheid GmbH)

- Johannes Pluckers (Test Engineer Engine Test House, Rings and Liners at Federal Mogul Burscheid GmbH)

- Thierry Delvigne (CEO of Delta Services Industriels SPRL in Froyennes, Belgium)

- Olivier Courtois (Technical Manager at Delta Services Industriels SPRL in Froyennes, Belgium)

Partnership with China

01 June 2015

DSi recently signed a partnership with CATARC, one of the biggest engine development centers located in Beijing (China).

This partnership gives birth to a new laboratory, LARC (Laboratory for Radiotracer Techniques) within which we will provide our measuring equipment AIR-X, C-Lube, D-Lube and TLA.


28 May 2015

DSI launches a new product range for tribology test rigs called TRIBO-SENSOR

This equipment consists of a wear-monitoring probe especially designed to upgrade tribology test rigs. It combines real-time results with very short response times. Its extreme sensitivity and accuracy allows to significantly shorten test durations compared to conventional wear sensors that are delivered with tribology test rigs.