Belgian Business Guide Hydrogen Technology

DSi is recognized by Agoria in the 36 Belgian companies active in hydrogen.

Our team develops innovative measurement techniques to evaluate engines, fuels and lubricants with a focus on zero and low-carbon products :

– Assessment of Internal Combustion Engine fueled by H2 or e-Fuels to measure the wear (and corrosion), oil emissions, oil dilution and additives depletion
– Validation of engines, components and lubricants at an early stage, saving effort, development time and costs later on
– Study and integration of fuel cells / H2 ICE in demonstrators (vehicle, stationary application, power generating devices, zero-carbon storage device)
– Benchmarking of stationary fuel cells and H2 ICE generators
– Design and Manufacturing of fluids conditioners, compliance study of machinery and test rig to upgrade to H2
– Engine test cells and H2 ready lab with restricted access and engineering support

Please take a look at the new Belgian Business Guide Hydrogen made by Agoria.