Mit der TLA/RNT-Methode können Online-Verschleißmessungen an laufenden Motoren durchgeführt werden.

Field of Application

  • TLA-RNT equipment operating principle is based on the use of the Thin Layer Activation (TLA) technology (also called RNT for Radio Nuclide Technique). The methodology is based on the production of radiotracers on the surface of wear parts.

  • TLA/RNT allows measuring the impact of oil formulations on parts’ wear

  • Combine it with Air-Mix for specific engine conditions

  • Combine it with TC-Lube for specific turbocharger wear measurements

  • Easy to install: Oil is directly sampled from the engine sump and 2 hoses are easily connected between the engine and TLA/RNT equipment. Additional volume is limited to 1.5 litre.

Continuous wear measurement on engines

  • Up to 5 engine parts simultaneously monitored

  • Extrem hohe Empfindlichkeit: 1/10 Nanometer

  • Analysis of transient phases (road/mountains/highway cycles)

  • Direkte oder indirekte Messung

Significant reduction of test duration

  • The extreme sensitivity and accuracy of the methodology allows reducing significantly test durations compared to conventional wear measurement procedures.

Components tested

  • Camshafts

  • Cylinder sleeves

  • Piston rings

  • Valves & seats

  • Turbocharger bearings

  • Timing chain

  • Conrod bearings

  • Gearboxes

Full package service measurement

  • Measurements can be performed at our test centre, or as a service measurement at your own test facilities.


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