Independent lubrication unit

TC-Lube is an oil conditioning unit dedicated to independent lubrication of undergoing mechanical systems.

Field of Application

  • TC-Lube allows independent lubrication for development and test of undergoing mechanical systems and / or to compare lubricants

  • TC-Lube can be coupled to TLA/RNT equipment for online monitoring of wear of undergoing mechanical systems

  • TC-Lube can be coupled to C-Lube equipment for online monitoring of turbocharger oil consumption


  • Lubrication limits can be investigated by using various oil formulations or by testing severe conditions of oil pressure and temperature

  • Scavenge capacities with vacuum regulation for aeronautic and racing applications


  • Pressure range : 1 to 15 bars

  • Temperature range : 20 to 160°C

  • Oil flow rate range : 0.5 to 30 l/min

Components tested

  • Turbochargers

  • Cylinder heads

  • Gear boxes

  • Racing hybrid units

  • Aeronautic components

Custom made possibilities

  • Conditioner dimensions

  • Operating ranges (pressure, flow rate, temperature)

  • Heating/cooling processes 

  • Remote control/Interface

  • Shipment and commissioning anywhere in the world

  • CE or UL certified

How to use TC-Lube with C-Lube ?

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