Development of test rigs and ancillary systems

Test rigs and ancillary equipment

DSi has acquired a strong expertise in the development, manufacturing and installation of dedicated test tools for engines and lubricants

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Modern test center for engines & lubricants

DSI offers complete services for research, development and evaluation of engine and lubicants

On-line aeration measurement

Lubricant aeration

Air-X, the right tool for monitoring lubricant aeration

On-line wear measurement

Engine wear measurement

For more than 15 years, DSi has applied radiotracer techniques to offer accurate and real-time wear measurements

Oil consumption measurement

Engine oil consumption

DSi offers a patented methodology for on-line measurement of oil consumption on I.C. engines

Fuel dilution measurement

Fuel dilution measurement

D-Lube equipment reduces significantly the time needed for optimizing fuel injection strategies on I.C. engines

After treatment systems

After treatment systems

Innovative Tools for the development of after-treatment devices (ATS)

Speed up the development of jet engines ans ancillary systems

Tribology / New materials & Aeronautics

Innovative Tools proposed by DSi allow speeding-up the devleopment of jet engines and ancillary systems


Tools to speed up your research & development

DSi offers innovative equipment and services for engine/lubricant development and testing

Our innovative tools allow on-line measurement of :

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Our Mission is to accelerate your R&D programs !

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