Oil Dilution Measurement for Refrigerated Truck

1. Customer application
The increase of the oil level in the cooling unit I.C. engine cause various problems. These problems can lead to the engine breakdown or at least a rise in the oil change intervals.

2. Customer needs
The customer wants to measure the increase in the oil level in the I.C. engine of the refrigeration unit and find the source of the problem. He also needs to have quick measurement results (in 8 hours) even though this problem actually appears after about 1000 hours.

3. Customer goal
The customer wants to determine the origin of the failure quickly and without disturbing the engine operation. The customer will then be able to take corrective actions to precisely solve the problem.

4. DSi solution
The truck is sent by the customer to the DSi test centre. Our engineers easily connect the D-Lube with the motor sump (see photo below). The D-Lube is a non-destructive equipment, the truck is send back to the customer immediately after the test without any damage on the engine.
DSi engineers start the refrigerated trailer with different cold operating points. The customer with the assistance of DSi engineers decides which points must be tested to find the dilution problem.
DSi engineers measure the oil dilution in real time and within a week of testing, the D-Lube equipment is able to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause origin. A complete test report is sent to the customer with all the collecting data.

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