Air-X can be used for heavy
construction machinery

1. Customer application
The customer wants to investigate the limits of tilt operations. Cranes, mining excavators are exposed to the landform conditions, and to the turret movements that can lead to critically bad lubrication conditions. He wants to know the maximum admissible inclination reached by his construction machine according to the associated aeration rate.

2. Customer needs
The customer needs to accurately measure the aeration in their heavy-duty engine during tilt on-board application on the field.

3. Customer goal
To prevent high aeration risks on the engine, the customer wants to measure the aeration in the engine oil and/or in the hydraulic circuit.
Engine oil aeration can lead to very bad consequences for a high number of engine components: camshaft, conrod bearing, oil pump… Hydraulic aeration may also cause cavitation and lose of pressure in the actuators.

4. DSi solution
Air-X equipment allows our customer to measure aeration on his crane or mining excavator. From an engine to a construction machine, the Air-X provides instant response and delivers reliable aeration results with 0.5% accuracy. The robustness of the equipment allows DSi engineers to install it in any type of vehicle and in extreme conditions. A one-day training enables users to use Air-X independently.
On-line aeration measurement with short response time allows quick identification of the limit positions. In less than a week, DSi customer have measured aeration in real-time during his tilt applications with a great assistance for engine design development and validation.

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