Valvetrain / Cylinder Head Test Stand

We have launched a new test bench with high-accuracy and high-frequency torque transducer

Friction testing

Capabilities are:

  • Investigation of the effect of different lubricants on frictional losses, allows for quick distinction and benchmark between lubricants and/or additives
  • Study of new materials (especially hard coatings such as DLC) to reduce friction and wear. Continuous and real-time high accuracy wear measurement based on the RadioNuclide Technique (RNT)
  • Benchmark of valvetrains and cylinder heads (databases setup)
  • Simultaneously friction and wear measurement to study running-in and operating behaviors
  • Very slow and idle driving speed to study friction and wear on critical phases such as start-up
  • Very accurate fluid conditioning units (oil and water) with precise regulation and adjustable air-in-oil level to study oil aeration effects
  • Current test bench can be adapted to test: oil pumps, water pumps, chain drives, camshafts, crankshafts, fuel injection systems, etc.

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