We’ve released a new version of our oil conditioning unit dedicated to the development and testing of turbochargers called TC-Lube.

The TC-Lube is designed to supply the turbocharger to investigate lubrication limits by adjusting the temperature and/or pressure. The turbocharger can be lubricated independently with a different oil formulation allowing to test diluted and highly contaminated oil without damaging the engine.

Standard version provides an adjustable temperature between 20 and 160 °C with an accuacy of 0,5 °C for a pressure from 0 to 10 bar gauge.

Set points can be adjusted through an external remote control placed outside the test cell or directly controlled through your test bench automation system.

The new equipment can be combined with other DSi tools such as “C-Lube” equipment for on-line oil consumption measurement of turbochargers, “Air-X” equipment for monitoring lubricant aeration, Air-Mix to entrain air within oil to evaluate the effect of air contamination, or TLA tools for on-line wear measurement of turbocharger bearings.

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