After treatment systems


Innovative Tools for the development of after-treatment devices (ATS)

Poisoning and clogging of ATS by soot and by ash residues affects their performances.

DSi - After treatment systemsDSi has developed a non-destructive technique based on radiotracer labelling of additive compounds contained in the fuel or in the lubricant (e.g. zinc, calcium, molybdenum…). The methodology allows monitoring ash deposits during engine operation.
DSi has also specialised in the development of industrial cleaning procedures for soot and ash removal from ATS, for Passenger Cars and Heavy Duty vehicles. Combination of our radiotracer techniques with X-Ray radiography allows optimising the cleaning process for 99% efficiency in terms of soot & ash removal.X-ray radiograph of a Diesel Particle Filter (DPF)


  • On-line results : ash accumulation in the ATS is measured in real-time during engine operation
  • Real Operating Conditions : engine and ATS installed on a vehicle or on a test bench
  • Very high sensitivity : < 1 mg ash deposit
  • Selectivity : several organic compounds can be labelled simultaneously in the lubricant to evaluate their respective impact on ATS poisoning and clogging
  • 2D-3D map of ash deposits : X-ray radiography combined to a dedicated ATS scanning system allows monitoring ash deposit profiles
  • Non Destructive Measurement : no need to open the canning or destroy the ceramics



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