Cosmoz Project

In 2012, Dsi, GDTech, BTD, Skynam and the universities of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) and Liege (Ulg – IPNAS), launched an innovative called “COSMOZ”.

Objectives were to develop a direct injection system for converting gazoline engines to natural gas (CNG).

In this project, DSi has contributed to:

  • The improvement of gas injectors: using radio-tracing techniques. DSi has performed wear measurement tests on the injectors and has studied the impact of lubrication on their lifetime. Results have been used to make continuous improvements and to, optimize the design of injectors.
  • Setting-up for road tests of a demonstrator vehicle: a light vehicle has been modified for natural gas operation and it has been instrumented and prepared to receive a to achieve emission measurements on a chassis dynamometer.

In June 2016, the vehicle was operational and all partners of this project welcomed a representative of the Walloon Region for road tests with the new direct injection system.

This project has received support from the Walloon Region through the “ POLE MECATECH”.

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