Insight into the nuclear industry

25 Nov 2013

Lotfi is a radiochemist at DSi and he uses his know-how to create innovative radiotracing tools for engine development and testing.

You can discover his job in the following video that looks at how the nuclear is applied to engine and lubricant:

Forum nucléaire – Lotfi, radiochimiste centre d’essais automobiles

from Belgian Nuclear Forum on Vimeo.

New capabilities at our test center

04 Nov 2013

We have acquired new capabilities for testing medium size I.C. engines.

The new test bed offers 700 kW at 7,500 RPM and a max. torque of 3000 Nm to enhance our independent Engine Test Center located in Tournai, BELGIUM.

Modern test benches are equipped with cutting edge radiotracing techniques for on-line wear measurement, oil consumption and fuel dilution measurement and real-time gas content measurement.

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