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Products & Services

High performance tools to speed up your R&D

Key Products: Engine & Lubricant Test Tools:

  • Thin Layer Activation (TLA - SLA - RNT) for on-line wear measurement
  • Air-X, the reference tool for on-line measurement of oil aeration
  • C-Lube, for monitoring oil consumption of I.C. engines
  • D-Lube, for monitoring fuel dilution on running engines
  • Scan-FAP for studying DPF (Diesel Particle Filter) clogging

Typical applications on Engines & Lubricants:

  • On-line wear measurement of engine parts (camshafts, piston rings & coatings, turbochargers, cylinder sleeves, valves, bearings, etc.)
  • Real-time measurement of oil consumption: contribution of piston-ring package; blow-by separator and turbocharger
  • Testing of lubricants and additives: oil aging; impact of dilution; anti-wear properties; aeration; and development of test procedures
  • On-line measurement of poisoning and clogging of after-treatment systems (particle filters, catalysts, deNox systems)
  • Development of lubricant desaeration systems and blow-by separators
  • Real-time measurement of fuel dilution on running engines and impact of injection parameters on the dilution/evaporation process
  • Study of oil filter efficiency
  • Ancillary equipment for engine test centres (fluid conditioners, lubrication systems, etc.)