Tribology & aeronautics

Innovative tools to speed up your R&D

Tribology DSi actively contributes to the development of new materials and new coatings that are more extensively used to reduce wear and friction losses in modern powertrains. Our contribution in this field includes the development of on-line wear monitoring tools dedicated to tribology machines, and the development of new radiotracer techniques for labelling thin coatings such as chromium and bismuth-based coatings, tin-aluminium coatings, DLCs, etc.
New TLA (Thin Layer Activation) equipments are available for on-line wear measurement on tribology test rigs such as pin-on-disc machines, plint machines, block-on-ring simulators, piston simulator machines, and Vickers vane pomp test rigs. Tribology

Our field of expertise also covers the development of screening tools to determine crude oil corrosivity in refineries.

Our methodology allows a significant reduction of test duration to compare crude oils in terms of corrosivity.

R&D partnerships exist between DSi and local (Liège, Namur and Louvain-la-Neuve) - foreign universities (University of Birmingham). In the industry, DSi closely cooperates with R&D centres from major oil and car companies. A partnership exists for more than 12 years between DSi and a major Formula 1 engine supplier.

Radiotracer techniques offer real-time results and unequalled sensitivity.  

This is the reason why we can also help you speeding-up your R&D programs !


Special tools for the development of jet engines and oil separator systems

jet engines and ancillary systems Our services in this field include the development of oil/fuel de-aeration systems; on-line wear measurement of critical parts (bearings, gears, carbon seals,…); and optimisation of oil separator systems to reduce oil releases in the environment.