Test rigs and ancillary equipment

From fluid conditioning systems to turn-key solutions


DSi has acquired a strong expertise in the development, manufacturing and installation of dedicated test tools for engines and lubricants. Amongst several of our recent projects:

  • Development, manufacturing and installation of a turn-key aeration test rig for formula 1 oil tank
  • Development and manufacturing of oil and water conditioners for test beds with very accurate flow and temperature control (engine test facility)
  • Development of test rigs for friction losses measurement
  • Development of test procedures to compare the impact of lubricant formulation and oil aging on engine wear
  • Development of separate oil conditioning equipment for turbochargers (TC-Lube)

TC-Lube is a separate lubrication system for turbochargers. It provides very fast response and includes programmable and accurate control of oil temperature and oil pressure.


Range of applications of TC-Lube:

  • Investigation of lubrication limits
  • Study of impact of oil aging (soot content, wear particles, dilution)
  • On-line measurement of oil consumption of turbochargers
  • On-line wear measurement (axial and radial wear of bearings)


AIR-MIX is a lubrication system that blends lubricant and air under the form of a very homogeneous mixture composed of small bubbles and foam representative of the oil aeration generated by an engine. 

Air-Mix has adjustable oil temperature, pressure and aeration output and is very suitable to supply cylinder heads, engine components and complete engines.


Range of applications of Air-Mix :  

  • Study of the impact of aeration on undergoing mechanical systems,
  • Comparison of lubricants,
  • Investigation of lubrication limits,
  • Study of the impact of aeration on wear and cavitation.
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