On-line engine wear measurement

For more than 15 years, DSi has applied radiotracer techniques for accurate and real-time measurement of engine wear


TLA (Thin Layer Activation) is our key product. The method allows performing on-line wear measurements on running engines without dismantling parts (i.e. camshafts, cylinder sleeves, piston rings, valves & seats, bearings, turbocharger bearings, etc.). TLA is also convenient for studying the impact of lubricant formulation, fuel dilution and soot content on wear.

DSi provides TLA-RNT measurement services as a full package that includes activation services, equipment sales & renting and qualified manpower. Wear measurements services can be performed either at your site or at our engine test centre in Belgium.

Your benefits

  • On-line results
  • Significant reduction of test duration
  • Extremely high sensitivity: 1 nanometer
  • Real-operating conditions without dismantling parts
  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Full package service measurement at DSi or at your test facility

The methodology is applied in 2 steps

STEP 1 : labelling of wear parts

A particle accelerator is used to produce a thin layer of radiotracers at the surface of wear parts.

wear measurement

STEP 2 : on-line measurement during engine operation

On-line wear measurement : "direct" and "flow-through" methods

Direct measurement

A probe is installed externally to the engine for monitoring of the gamma-ray signal emitted by the labelled area. Any loss of signal is automatically converted in material loss.

"Flow through” method

Also known as “flow through method”, it consists in monitoring the increase of gamma-ray signal in the lubricant where worn particles are released. A probe is installed in a measuring chamber where the fluid is circulated. A particle trap (a filter or a magnet) can also be installed in the chamber to collect worn particles.

On-line wear measurement - Step 2

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