Lubricant aeration

Air-X & Compact Air-X, the right tools to monitor lubricant aeration

  • The reference tool in the automotive industry for gas content measurement 
  • Based on X-ray transmission: range from 0% to 100% gas content 
  • Real-time results: response time selectable from 1 sec to 1 min
  • Continuous oil sampling, at regulated flow (selectable) 
  • Allows measuring both dissolved and non-dissolved fractions                                                  
  • Accuracy: 0.1% in terms of gas content 
  • Automatic temperature compensation 
  • Easy to calibrate and user’s friendly interface 
  • Visualisation of oil flow in the measuring chamber (video signal)                    
  • 4 versions available, from low to high flows 
  • In-board model available 
  • Single USB connection
DSI / Air-X Compact & Standard


Air-X_Standard & Compact_DSi


Air-X is able to sample and evaluate oil from atmospheric or pressurized lines in an operating hydraulic system. The sampling unit of Air-X includes an internal oil pump with accurate and variable flow control.







Air-X Compact offers the same performances as the standard version. It is dedicated to applications where space is limited, i.e. to perform on-line measurement on a vehicle, on a tilt test bench, etc.


DSi expertise

DSi team has acquired a strong expertise in assisting our customers to understand and solve aeration problems.

Our services include:

  • Service measurement with Air-X equipment, at your company 
  • Service measurement at DSi including rent of engine test tools 
  • Solving aeration problems by adapting the oil circuit and lubricant properties 
  • Training on the aeration process (theoretical and practice) 
  • Design and manufacturing of dedicated test rigs for supply of aerated oil
  • Development of special configuration in the hydraulic and mechanical industries

User's interface

Software Air-X : User’s Interface


All measurement data (oil temperature, oil pressure and gas content) are recorded and can be visualized on a graphic during operation of Air-X. A dedicated routine is also provided, which allows converting the results to a .csv format.

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