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Our partners

Our R&D programs are presently carried out in cooperation with the following research centres:


☛  ULG - University of Liege (IPNAS - Nuclear Physics department) : Department of Applied Nuclear Physics where proton & deuteron activation techniques are  
developed for wear measurements
☛  UNAMUR - University of Namur (LARN – Laboratory of Analysis by Nuclear Reactions)
☛  UCL - University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Cyclotron Department / Mechanics, Material, Thermodynamics) 
☛  ULB - University of Brussels (Turbomachines & Aeronautics)
☛  University of Birmingham (Nuclear Physics Research Group)
☛  SCK–CEN Mol, Dept. BR1, Belgium, a research centre involved in labelling techniques for engine parts, lubricants and additives
Our Sales Representative in CHINA: