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DSi is a world leader in the use of radiotracer techniques. Our customers are from the automotive, lubricant, and aeronautic industries. We work as R&D partners for the development of new products and for a quick solving of your technical problems.

DSi employs 26 people in the industrial area of Tournai-West, Belgium

We supply industrial equipment and measurement services worldwide


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SAE award for DSI

SAE award for DSI Our methodology for oil consumption measurement is the fruit of a cooperative research program between DSi and TOTAL. It is described in SAE paper 2005-01-2178, which received a "SAE Award for Research on Automotive Lubricants". This paper is entitled "An Innovative On-Line measurement Method for Studying the Impact of Lubricant Formulations on Poisoning and Clogging of After-Treatment Devices."


  • 2000 - Founding of the company by Thierry Delvigne
  • 2001-2004 - Development of new methodologies based on the use of radiotracers
  • 2005 - SAE Award (see above)
  • 2007 - New Engine and Lubricant Test Centre at Tournai-Ouest
  • 2012 - DSi enters the aeronautics field
  • 2013-2014 - New product range: Fluid conditioning systems 
  • 2016 - DSi opened a representative office in China  

Why selecting DSi

  • Innovative products
  • Technology and expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Customer oriented services
  • Motivation